O ur dedicated team, made up of highly competent physiotherapists and sports scientists, would like to help you quickly and sustainably with regard to health complaints, pain, illnesses or injuries. To achieve this, we work closely together with the prescribing doctors, therapists and hospitals.

Our team philosophy

A strong sense of cohesion is the centrepiece of our mutual objectives and guiding principles. It is important to us to solve problems together and to address all issues openly and honestly. As a fundamental principle of our team philosophy, mutual respect is of especial value to us.

Our sense of responsibility for our actions is reflected in our three structural core messages:

  • Concentration
  • Continuity
  • Consistency

We are keen to maintain consistent availability of information and we adhere to agreed arrangements and rules.

We are convinced that the resulting team spirit not only creates a sense of responsibility and empathetic understanding between us, but also contributes significantly to the wellbeing and successful treatment of our patients.

Your med-konzept Team

Our Team

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